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tender sprouts

Tender sprouts, A time ..... growing up in farm country, there are a few things I know about spring.  One of these is that there is a right time to plant.  We watched as year after year some would put their crops in the ground to soon, and sure enough, there would be another freeze or flooding waters that ruined precious seed.   Carefully watching weather patterns, when the time was right, all seasoned farmers disappeared into the fields not to be seen again until planting was done.  They recognized  their short window of opportunity to make the most of their seed.  Then as one would nurture a newborn baby, they toil over their fields tilling, fertilizing, and keeping close eye on that which they have planted. As I experience life, I wonder how many of us are able to seize our moments of opportunity to plant good seed at correct times and then take care our plantings.    These, with out doubt, are jobs God has left us with. Many today have no idea how much work and sweat g

Mothers Day

                                                                                                                                                               Mothers Day Mothers day, just the mention of it makes us reflect on and reassess our lives.   So what does a real life, good Mother look like. I believe God's vision for Mothers is to love....  Agape Love.  Life giving love that is born from a heart that gives.  She puts her children and others at a high priority.  It doesn't mean she's perfect.  If that were the criteria there would be no examples.  Some people were given  Mothers who had or have this kind of love.  A Mother who waits until everyone else has a full plate before she eats, a Mother who does everything she knows to do to bring us a good life.  As I reflect,  my Mother was far from a matter of fact, I didn't really feel love from her until after my Father died and our first son was born.  But listen, I also realize she gav