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Having boundaries doesn't mean you dislike someone. It simply means you deny access to your heart when someone in your life creates confusion, chaos, or constant criticism.  It doesn't mean you don't love them, it means you are confident your God is working on your behalf to work out a situation that is beyond your control.  You give space and time for God to work.  We can't fix or change people, or make them behave a certain way. It's ok. When Adam and Eve broke the law that had been established. God moved them out of the garden and he placed angels there to keep them out! He didn't stop loving them. God IS big enough to handle your problems.  Let Him. Love Jackie 

it's all hard


goodness of God Bethel


It's all hard

It's all hard. From trying to keep our dishes under control so we can eliminate our obvious ant infestation, to mounds of laundry, going to work and getting everything back in working order week after week, dealing with grief and family, AND all of my obligations at church.......which are numerous. Trying to be sensitive to everyone's needs and feelings and keeping control of my own, not being harsh or cruel by telling people what I really think.....It's all hard. So how do we possibly do it all AND have a good attitude. Give yourself some grace. To get it all right every time isn't going to happen. To get it right even some of the time is a blessing..... Soooooooooo, Have the coffee, listen to your favorite song, fall in love with Jesus everyday. Take a bath, floss your teeth, put on your wig and try your best.😀 That's it. Everyday.  I love you. jackie