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Whew, can we take a breath now?  We can get so busy. Too busy.  I don't believe there is anything wrong with busyness, but when it takes our joy it's a problem. Martha,  in the New Testament was scolded by Jesus, not because she was busy but because she had an irritated soul (she was cumbered, hindered, troubled). Mary had chosen the better part by sitting at Jesus' feet. It is critical that we take time to sit and be alone with Jesus. Not just to unload all of our problems, but to let Him correct any issues with our soul.  He will breathe new life into our hearts and into any relationship.  My hope for you this new year is, that you will count your blessings and not your problems. Love jackie Breathe, just breathe Come and rest at my feet And be, just be Chaos calls but all you really need Is to take it in, fill your lungs The peace of God that overcomes Just breathe (just breathe) let your weary spirit rest Lay down what’s good and find what

The Fight,,,,

At different times in my life,  fighting the good fight of faith has meant varying things. Fight for truth Fight for my marriage Fight to teach my children Fight to pay bills Fight to get ahead Fight for my sanity But, there has been and always will be something, someone to fight for.  By nature, I detest fighting and have hated confrontation.  From my earliest memories I hid and ran from fights.  Now as an adult I can certainly see the need to fight for what is good and necessary. BUT,  also see the need to let many wars go unattended, deciding to keep my interest focused on what is in front of me and will only be with me a short time....    is how I manage my sanity (which can be debated) and keep wars to a minimum. Remember who the enemy is certainly satan, he is our greatest adivisary, it can be our own expectations and mind,  and it is always time!  We are human and only here for a given number of days. Seize that which is best and important to the Kingdom of G

hurting heart

Doesn't it break your heart when your child's heart is hurting?  It does not matter how old they are or why it's broken, you feel their hurt... When they're young we want to protect them, and we do everything we in our power to keep them safe, then as they grow we instruct them and establish rules and boundaries to help them grow and thrive.  We love them so. But why is it so hard for us to  believe God cares for us the same way?  He cherishes YOU!  He longs to give you the desires of your heart, yet He knows what is best for you and what you need.  He has given His Word that He will never leave you or forsake you...YOU are on His mind. Trust in Him!  Love Him! 


Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord , my rock and my redeemer. Psalms 19:14 Lord, today may my meditations and my inner self talk,  be Joy in your ears and also the ears of any who might be influenced by me. You are my Rock and the Keeper of my heart and all I treasure.

Rubies , ,,,

Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.  The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil.  She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life. How precious is the virtue of a young woman? Even more precious in this age than ever before. Dear young woman, I hope you value your virtue as much as Jesus does.

Nothing personal ,,

I love you.   Three  words that can be so hard say and yet so necessary for healthy growth. Love should roll out of our hearts and off our tongues. Where oh where are the Christians who don't mind getting "personal". Jesus, help us . Help us Lord to be difference-makers! Not afraid to touch the unlovely and not upset all the time.  We know you are always with us Lord we're so thankful for that. Teach us Lord, show us God. Help us to be so busy being your hands and feet and lips we don't have time to worry about offenses. Jesus, Help us to Love and reach out so the next generation can see You through us. We love you so much Lord. Amen

I surrender

Surrender.... Sweet and yet terrifying.... Have you ever thought, that's it.....I give up...I am at the end of my rope... I am done with it all? When we finally come to the end of us, we can find Jesus.  Sweet Jesus!  Usually,  it isn't until we can't  take "it" anymore before we surrender to Him.  Have you ever just knelt and truely given everything to God?  Your thoughts, your experiences,  everything you ever learned,  all your cares and woes, and said "here I am Lord, teach me, mold me, fill me, start over in me Jesus".  You might be surprised what you learn or rather what you thought you had surrendered. Teach me Lord, create in me a clean heart O God .  One that loves you fully.  One that loves who you love.  One that brings perfect peace. One that gives all our hopes and dreams to follow your will.  Surrender  <3 I love you Jesus, use me!

more than a label.....

When we were born we did not come with a label, but shortly there after one or more got applied!  short chubby beautiful homely cranky dark fair pale and the list goes we grow some stick, some get replaced but we all have at least one label.  It's usually one that we prefer not to have. Society is big on labeling.  It is so frustrating and it can consume our thoughts to the point that we are formed by it, and controlled by it.  Many times down through my life I have heard those labels and allowed them to define me.  Labeling has probably always existed, we have seen entire races defined by a label some thoughtless person spit out of their mouth.  IN  Mark 7:25-30, the story of the Syrophenician woman is found.  When I first read it years ago, I must admit, it shook me to read the words Jesus spoke to this woman.  Why would my Lord, the One who loves us more than any other apply such a mean label to this woman?   I sat in my confusion of this story for q