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the Good Samaritan


Mothers Day

Mothers Day. so many things go through the mind at Mothers Day...... greatest joys deepest hurts   proudest moments maternal bonds Wednesday evening we took a look at the Book of Ruth.  Naomi, Ruth's mother-in-law had to face some very tough situations. Her husband and sons died, one of her daughter-in-laws returned to her former gods.....  Coming back into Bethlehem Judah, the people couldn't even recognize her.  Life had been harsh and hard.   Many times, I think we feel like Naomi.  Life just hurts so much and we are no longer the carefree youth we once were.  We want to sit down and sulk in our hardships. But listen,  He was not finished with Naomi, and He isn't finished with you.   Everyday is a chance to be a difference maker for someone.  Someone to nurture,   Someone to encourage, someone listen, someone to be there.   Mothers Day is a great reminder of the responsibilities we have as Mothers. Not just for your children, but to nurture those around us. 14 And the wo