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Got Peace?

Oh man, my husband bought me a magnifying mirror!  Now I can see all my flaws UP CLOSE! It's not a bad thing I guess.  It depends on how I choose to use it.  I can look in the mirror and work on myself or I can look in the mirror and obsess....obsess and be sad or obsess and try to make myself beautiful for HOURS! LOL We sure know how to overthink don't we? Maybe what we need to look at closely is our heart.  It is the condition of our heart that is most important. Why I do what I do.... Why I respond like I respond.... Why I can't seem to control my thoughts.... Why...... Let me say prayer is good and listening to good music is good, but what is best is surrendering to God through His Word, and letting Him SPEAK to you there. His love will change and inspire you.  It will fulfill you and give you peace and love that cannot be natural but rather supernatural.. does that mean we will never be upset? No! It means when the Spirit of God whispers to you, You kno