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Whew, can we take a breath now?  We can get so busy. Too busy.  I don't believe there is anything wrong with busyness, but when it takes our joy it's a problem. Martha,  in the New Testament was scolded by Jesus, not because she was busy but because she had an irritated soul (she was cumbered, hindered, troubled). Mary had chosen the better part by sitting at Jesus' feet. It is critical that we take time to sit and be alone with Jesus. Not just to unload all of our problems, but to let Him correct any issues with our soul.  He will breathe new life into our hearts and into any relationship.  My hope for you this new year is, that you will count your blessings and not your problems. Love jackie Breathe, just breathe Come and rest at my feet And be, just be Chaos calls but all you really need Is to take it in, fill your lungs The peace of God that overcomes Just breathe (just breathe) let your weary spirit rest Lay down what’s good and find what