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true confessions of a preachers wife

Self analysis,   well right off the bat, let me share with you the style of font I am using is quicksand 😆 I hate to admit this,  I guess I have become a glass half full kind of gal.   I am not sure I have always been, or if it has just become my default mind set. I am still not even sure how I  became a preaches wife, it wasn't my plan.  There are a lot of things I am just not sure about..... I started out with gusto.  Listening to everyone's problems,  excited to teach God's Word..... and  now, now I am 61  (and just like I didn't know how I became a preachers wife, I don't know how or when I have become 61). There are those who tell me 61 isn't old.   It is beginning to feel old.   I have listened to thousands tell me their problems, and thousands tell me my problems.... I wrestle with God daily, unlike Jacob who wrestled for one night,  hey, did you know Jackie is the female equivalent the name Jacob,  hmmmmm?     excuse my wandering mind..... back to wrest