Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Let's talk about adoption

Adoption is the method God chose to bring us (strangers) into His family as His own....

When we entered into the adoption process it was a complete mystery to me.  Would I be able to take this baby and love him as my own?  When a woman births her own child, most of the time, she also gives birth to a new deeper love within herself to nurture the baby.  But, how would I "feel" about someone else's child?  God, through many trials and tears brought Isaac into my life at a moment of great transition.  He had been working on me!  Reshaping me!  Most of the time when we view ourselves, we see a pretty okay human being.   Giving ourselves a whole lot of our attention.
God had to bring me to a place of seeing the deep needs of those around me and off my own perceived need. 

When Isaac was born, my husband was on a mission trip.  We had not been in Michigan very long, so I didn't know Detroit well at all.  God had taught me enough about the roads system that I could get there but not without fear.  I didn't have my mom, my husband, or any close friends.  Just a girl in labor and a baby on the way.....I was given the privilege of being in the delivery room at the time of, I had never experienced that side of birth.  I had to be clothed from head to toe with hospital gowns and gloves because I had severe poison ivy covering my whole body and we couldn't risk giving it to the baby.  Birth is emotional, it is a miracle, it is a gift!  After Isaac was born he was handed to me!  I sat in the chair, tears streaming down my face thinking about this new little human.....handed to ME!  My heart broke that day.  I realized there are so many people in the world who need the opportunity to be born into the family of God, just as this little baby boy was born into ours.  Of course the family of God is so much more perfect than us, the Cubbison's,  but what a picture.

I fell in love that day in a whole new way.....thank you Lord.....I love that not so little guy now with my  whole heart.  People ask me how can you say you love strangers?  And I tell them it's all about Jesus and how much He loves us!

thank you Kim Kruchkow, for thinking about the Cubbisons!  Thank you Lord Jesus for your longuffering love you show to us.  Love Jackie

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hang on....

Hang on, don't quit.  Find some time early today to let Jesus breath life into you and into your situation.....
God's not done with you.....He has a plan.  Do right and set your mind on things above.  Lay all your cares to the side today....Put your armor on to protect you from evil.
Chin up, eye on the can do this!

Psalms 28:7
The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him.

We grew up near Grand Lake St. Mary's.   Every summer we enjoyed long warm sunny days  fishing and swimming.  They were great times for sure....

One thing I remember in particular was something my baby brother used to do.  He was always pushing his physical limits.  He would swim out into the lake as far as he could until he was to tired to swim back.  The water would be over his head......and he would begin to yell helllllp!
(I remember this yell very well, it was the exact same yell I heard the time he talked me into ridding the zipper at the Mercer County Fair)  I would jump in as fast I could and swim out to save him.  I wasn't strong enough to swim holding him, so I would lift him out of the water, walk on the bottom of the lake a little bit and then come up for air.......repeat.......until we  came to the pier.  It was a long exhausting process.

Ministry can feel like that.....exhausting trying to keep others afloat while struggling to catch your own breath.

But, it doesn't have to be.   It is a job Jesus does with ease.....He will not only carry the weight of our fellow Christian but us also.  We need only "let" is not ours to carry alone.  He urges us to take His yoke upon us and He will carry the burdens as we walk in tandem with Him. 

Ministry is His.....we are only to be His partner.   Let Him worry about the outcome.   Just be the servant serving their master knowing all the while the Master has everything under control.