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The Fight,,,,

At different times in my life,  fighting the good fight of faith has meant varying things. Fight for truth Fight for my marriage Fight to teach my children Fight to pay bills Fight to get ahead Fight for my sanity But, there has been and always will be something, someone to fight for.  By nature, I detest fighting and have hated confrontation.  From my earliest memories I hid and ran from fights.  Now as an adult I can certainly see the need to fight for what is good and necessary. BUT,  also see the need to let many wars go unattended, deciding to keep my interest focused on what is in front of me and will only be with me a short time....    is how I manage my sanity (which can be debated) and keep wars to a minimum. Remember who the enemy is certainly satan, he is our greatest adivisary, it can be our own expectations and mind,  and it is always time!  We are human and only here for a given number of days. Seize that which is best and important to the Kingdom of G