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more than a label.....

When we were born we did not come with a label, but shortly there after one or more got applied! 

and the list goes we grow some stick, some get replaced but we all have at least one label.  It's usually one that we prefer not to have.

Society is big on labeling.  It is so frustrating and it can consume our thoughts to the point that we are formed by it, and controlled by it.  Many times down through my life I have heard those labels and allowed them to define me. 
Labeling has probably always existed, we have seen entire races defined by a label some thoughtless person spit out of their mouth. 

IN  Mark 7:25-30, the story of the Syrophenician woman is found.  When I first read it years ago, I must admit, it shook me to read the words Jesus spoke to this woman.  Why would my Lord, the One who loves us more than any other apply such a mean label to this woman?   I sat in my confusion of this story for quite a while....  I wanted someone who knew the pain of such labeling help me come to grips with this side of Jesus.
It seems like a cold, heartless label.....a degrading label. 
Through the years I have come to know Jesus more and more and who He is. 
Jesus is love
Jesus is compassion
Jesus is kind
Here is what I learned.  Jesus desires us to have great faith in the face of anything that comes our way.
He doesn't want us to get side tracked by our circumstance or by word spoken. 

At this time in history, it was common for gentiles to be called dogs!!!!
As Jesus spoke with this woman, her position was made obvious for all to see.  She was less than, she was as a dog, she was unable to do anything about her situation but she KNEW JESUS COULD.  She needed a Savior and would NOT let the labeling of society stop her from coming the One who loves.  The One who Heals.  The One who Helps.
She was humble and found her faith in spite of being surrounded by men of a different race who believed her to be a dog and wanted her to go away.....
Wow, what great faith.
Jesus said, your daughter is healed. 

Oh my honey, please do not let the labels of this world distract you from your mission.  In Christ YOU are a daughter of the King.  Royalty!
and you are loved.

Mark 7:25-30
Mark 7:25
For a certain woman, whose young daughter had an unclean spirit, heard of him, and came and fell at his feet:


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