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Who doesn't love dogs?

If you ever need a smile or a warm fuzzy feeling, just watch a dog.  We have a dog, his name is boomer.  Boomer is by nature a hunting dog,  God put something inside him that loves to smell.
He loves stinky stuff most of all.  When he is hot on the trail of something that has left a scent, his tail wags at warp speed as he zig zags all across the back yard..........I love dogs:-))


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Mothers Day

                                                                                                                                                               Mothers Day Mothers day, just the mention of it makes us reflect on and reassess our lives.   So what does a real life, good Mother look like. I believe God's vision for Mothers is to love....  Agape Love.  Life giving love that is born from a heart that gives.  She puts her children and others at a high priority.  It doesn't mean she's perfect.  If that were the criteria there would be no examples.  Some people were given  Mothers who had or have this kind of love.  A Mother who waits until everyone else has a full plate before she eats, a Mother who does everything she knows to do to bring us a good life.  As I reflect,  my Mother was far from a matter of fact, I didn't really feel love from her until after my Father died and our first son was born.  But listen, I also realize she gav

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