No question about it, WORDS can  hurt......

Once something is said it is very hard to let it go.......to not let it sink deep into who we are.
By the time we are grown, most of us have endured many hurtful words.  Some much more than others.  For example, I have many very good friends who are black who have experienced racism.  Ignorant people have commented about something the have no right to say and do not understand.  The wound pierces deep and is hard to get over, to let go of........Now racism goes far beyond words, but lets start there.

Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from  it flow the issues of life. Proverbs 4:23
This verse says it all.
out of the heart flow "all" of the issues of life
What is in your heart, will come out your mouth!
Could it be that the answer to all of our life's issues is simply for mankind to come to God with our heart conditions, and let the cleansing refreshing Word of God clean our hearts and give us a new outlook on life and on everyone around us.
I think the answer is YES!

Next time you choose to say something......to anyone......consider, examine, meditate on, your heart and ask yourself if it  is something Jesus would have you say or do!
A good place to start.....

love jackie


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