Are you my Mother?


Some days, I tell you, I am so scary I am unrecognizable.......
Tired, overworked, pushed to my edge, wanting to give in and give up.  I sure don't resemble anything that looks like the mother I desire to be.......
It is obvious to everyone in close proximity I am not doing what is needed to keep my heart and mind sane and in step with God.....
This is when I need to self examine.

What went wrong and how did I end up here?
I love my kids and my husband.  Opening God's Word and soaking in the truth of His Word as his child, my attitude quickly turns around....Counting my blessings, recognizing His sacrifice on my behalf, He wants me to focus on Him and be thankful..........

We can know how we should act and still choose wrong thoughts and behaviors.  Our relationship with Jesus dulls when we act out of repetition instead of relying on Him completely.

The peace of God and a sound mind comes to us and exists in us when we are willing to seek and understand the truth of God.  Not trying to find "our personal truth", but God's truth about us!
How can I know I am finding God's truth?

First, look in the Bible for answers yourself.......
God am I being honest with myself?
Am I your child?
Have I asked you to be Master of my life today?
Is there something in me that I need to identify and change to conform to Your image?

Help me Lord, so my children will want to say,  I am happy you are my Mother and God will say well done!


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