Sweet Girl,

My Sweet Girl,

I know things get tough sometimes.   I also know it isn't always easy to follow Jesus and people tease you when you do....
I lived that too only now days it's much harder.  With access to internet,  expectations of what a beautiful young woman should look like is crammed down your throat and  the pressure is great.  Maybe you even feel as if there is no way anyone would ever desire you.

Please don't sell yourself short!  You are beautiful and smart and funny.  You are a one of a kind creation of God who perfectly designed you exactly how He wants you to be.   YOU are talented, maybe you don't understand your full potential yet but you are talented!  God has a wonderful plan for you life......let Him work it......

Slow down.  Don't be in such a hurry to put on adulthood.  Cherish every day and all of the privileges that come from living in this country.   So many people love you beyond what you can imagine.  You are more precious than fine gold. 

I love you so much


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