Jesus follower,,,

Dear Girlfriend,

What Jesus desires in us is someone who loves Him enough to obey Him....
If we say we love Him but do not want to live according to His Word, we deceive ourselves!  No-one
does this perfectly, but it should be our driving force.

ex. If  I tell my children I love them, but I do not spend time with them or SHOW them love in my actions, they will not believe I love them.

who do you think you're fooling when you live only for yourself?  When you don't wait for God to work in your life and instead choose to satisfy a "flesh" desire? 
When the only person you care to please is yourself?

I prefer to be an encourager , but we also need to be HONEST WITH OURSELVES!

The commandment Jesus wants us to follow above all is....
"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul"


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