There are some memories from childhood that make us laugh, some that we will never forget even if they seem insignificant. 
There is one memory in particular that makes me smile.
When I was very young, maybe 6, one day I made the decision to  run away from home to "The Big Rock" (only God remembers why).  Everyone who ran in my circle knew the big rock:-)
So, anyway I went there and sat for what I thought was all day, only to give up when no one came looking for me.  When I went home, dinner was on and life was as usual.  Nothing lost, nothing changed.

As children of God we can make the decision to escape the cares of this life by running to the "Big Rock" who is always there and always faithful, even if what we face isn't earth shattering, He is there.

We find peace and comfort when we make the decision to run to Him above any other thing....
Above alcohol
Above drugs
Above pornography
Even above any other person

"He only is my rock and my salvation; he is my defence; I shall not be greatly moved."
This year, I pray you make God the rock you run to every day!
Love jackie


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