In case you haven't noticed,  there is a labor shortage ............everywhere..........

If Jesus were here on earth today, what would be His urgent message to us, to our world?

The harvest is ready, the laborers are few.

Matthew 9:37

Then saith he ( Jesus) unto his disciples, the harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborer's are few;

Maybe you decided God doesn't  "need" you to help spread the Gospel......maybe you think, I have done have my part let someone else do it now....I have my own things I need to get done.

Or maybe you are just tired and want to stay home away from the problems in our communities, and sit on your couch...

Look around you, 

time to get busy folks.    

No hurt feelings, no distractions....

~love jackie

now is the time to get back in the race.

The race for souls.  

It is time to get back to work.....

Work for the Lord. 


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