Thank-fullness with mind-fullness


A well balanced day.

Thanksgiving is almost here.  For many it is their favorite holiday, to cook, eat, watch TV, and sleep............🦃🦃👀😴 

 I want to give you a new challenge.  

This year, be present.  Love those people who are with you right now, this second.  Talk, maybe let them help you make the food, working together builds relationships......  Eyes and ears open.  Slow down.   At this particular moment in time God has set before you some very special people you can influence, with your love and guidance, and ATTENTION.  

Make some new traditions.  Ask which special dish each child (or adult lol) loves, and make it!   MOST importantly, put God at the center of all of your holidays.

Talk about what you are Thankful to God for........

Happy Thanksgiving,

~love Jackie


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