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Why are you angry?


Reading Genesis 4:6, "And the Lord said unto Cain, Why art thou wroth?  and why is thy countenance fallen?"

So many times going through my day, I have an idea or expectation of how it's going to go. And then absolutely nothing turns out as planned.....imagine that!

Notice my words "My idea, my expectations",  it is so easy to get discouraged and focused on how things should have gone, and how much better it all would have been if only it was done the way I had planned.  And then, my response shows all over my face, my body language, my attitude, my heart!

Cain too, had an idea.  It wasn't the one God had in mind.......and instead of just changing his expectation of what he thought a sacrifice should be,   he eliminated the competition. He killed his brother.  God noticed......all of it.   The bad attitude, the degusted look on his face, the dark heart.

Listen, I understand our intention isn't usually to kill someone😏, but a bad response can kill a lot of things.  It can break a spirit in a child, it can cause a husband to feel disrespected, and I feel like a heel
.........and on, and on......

Genesis 4:7, says "If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted?"

And so what is the answer?......easy peasy, take your eyes off yourself and chill out.👀😄

*focus on what is good, and lovely, and of good report!

~love jackie


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