the small things

Seriously tho,
don't we like it when God moves in big ways?
People in New Testament times did too. Thousands showed up for the big events. Sermon on the Mount,  feeding of five-thousand,
anytime Jesus was doing miracles. 
Like a rock star. Everyone shows up.
But God does His best work one on one. Salvation through Christ comes one at a time. 
You can't receive it as a group. It's individual.  
Like birth. Like death.
The most powerful moments I have had in my life have all come on my own. 
Crying out to Him in the night and having Him consol me. Reading His Word and letting it change me from the inside out....
Knowing He understands me more than anyone else can.
Yes. God does move in big ways sometimes. But most of the time it's one on one in a still  small voice urging us to believe in Him and trust in Him.
When the end comes. It will be you and Him period. 
I love you. 


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