A Good Dad

My Dad was a little man, but mighty after he came to know Jesus.

  Dad had shared with me that his Father had beat him many times when he was young and that his Mother had just sat by and watched not saying a word.  I was told that my Dad was a drunk and unfaithful to my Mom before he came to know Jesus.
  I wasn't there for any of those times, so it is not my experience with him.

My Dad was a good Dad.....
A good  Dad who would sit up in the middle of the night with me when I couldn't sleep because of fear or because I had questions to ask.  He would  pray with me and read the Bible with me.

A good Dad who would take my friends and I to all of the football games and buy us treats.

A good Dad who loved Jesus and taught one of my Sunday School classes, I still remember the lessons he taught.

 My Husband is a good Dad


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