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No doubt about it.....

Boy, time can really get away from me....

A couple of years ago God broke my heart for children in our community who lacked in the most basic of needs.  At that time I had no idea what to do or how to do it.....but I was 100% convinced God placed that  burden on my heart......

So we started.  We asked some of the teachers in the church how they thought we could be a benefit.  We went into the community and began asking strangers what they felt was the biggest need. 

The first need is the kids are hungry.  This fact makes me cry at the thought.  We have children in our community who are hungry.

Second, we need to help kids do better in on one.

........ we have a very limited budget and a limited number of people who will help.
In my heart I am fully DOUBTING  God can do anything through us......(in the mean time we were facing some hard situations......cancer and all that goes with it, good friends getting angry with us...)

But Jesus was saying press we started in our Church, not knowing yet how or what, we started SMART
homework help
and most of all Dinner

After a full school season of running SMART in our Church, which was fun, but not really needed, God opened the door.
Currently we are running SMART in a low income house development and have an average of 15 kids ages 8-15 attending.
I am believing God that He will bring these children into HIS fold.  We may never see the end results here on earth.

So what's my point?
Start......whatever it is God has told you to doesn't have to be big, but you do need to take a step.  Be faithful at it.  You cannot decide to be there one day and not the takes
time and work and love......
Ask God to bless it and direct you.
I know He is not done with SMART, it is still becoming what He wants it to be,  but our little band of soldiers will continue to fight for these kids and their success.

I know your it any way!


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  2. When we know this truth, we're at last free. Nothing that could somehow or another hinder us can any more. The reason in despondency and misery is to get us to this place - the place of tolerating everything that comes, no matter what. 'No doubt about it!''


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