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Good morning January

Today, I try again to look for and create JOY.......

I love the way my kids attack life with fervor.  Wide awake most mornings (especially if there is no school).  Happy and ready to get the day started......

They haven't yet had the hard disappointments life can bring.  They love God!  They have high goals for the future and believe in their hearts they can and will attain them.

I hope for them.  I hope they don't get distracted by some short term lust.  I hope they have what it takes to keep doing right even when it seems like forever........ with no rewards.......
I hope for them to sleep hard at night and enjoy every breath during the day.

 I love them so much, they inspire me to look for good in people and not look down my nose.

So, here's to trying again, thank you God, your mercies are truly new every morning!



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