A Thankful attitude....

Nine o'clock in the evening and our boys and the dog are wound UP^  So, so far we are off to a loud energetic start.......you could set your watch by this nightly activity.

Wouldn't change a thing!
Sometimes when I am tired I am tempted to scream and tell them to stop, but I know what they want is for us to watch them wrestle and laugh at their antics.  It is time to spend together and how I receive it is all up to me.  Tired or not, these are precious moments.......

There are so many "things" in our lives that do not seem ideal to us.  They aren't exactly the way we would have scripted our lives,  but our ability to enjoy the moment and be at peace
can change us and everyone around us.  A new year......new attitudes about what a "precious moment" looks like......

Chillin in the middle of upheaval takes practice, but we can do this.........:-))

Psalms 16:9  Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoices;  my flesh also shall rest in hope.


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