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I have always been of the mind set that home is a place.  Like my parents house was home, Ohio was home, here in Michigan is home. 

I recently recognized that some folks say "I stay at my parents house, or I stay in Ohio", you get the drift.

I think they are more correct.  Home is not my house.  Home is absolutely where those I love dwell. 

Peace and love are found in the arms of family and friends.  

But every now and than,  I get an unrest in my soul and I long for more than family or friends can deliver.

Some day we will be home.....really home,

but not now.   Now we have a job to do.  To be that follower of Jesus that will give those around us a small taste of what heaven is like.

They should see  heaven in me, in you.

What a thought!  We are ambassadors, yes you have all heard that before, but have you really thought about what that means?

It means when people are with me I represent heaven.  A place of peace, confidence, enjoyment, love, rest, knowledge, worship, kindness, holiness......

I represent Jesus.  The one who is seated at the right hand of Father God waiting to call us home.
What a day that will be, when my Jesus I shall see.  When I look upon His face, the one who saved me by His grace.
But not yet.



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